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Marty sang his first song in church at the age of eight. Growing up in the hills of eastern Tennessee, his music, as well as that of his family, was based in southern gospel, country, and bluegrass. The son of a textile worker and his mother who was a seamstress, Marty knew the love of a christian home as well as the struggles and trying times of being raised in the 50's and 60's. During middle and high school, Marty blended into the hippie scene and played with teen bands during the psychodelic era with the sounds of Jimi Hendrix, Steppenwolf, and other mainline rock groups of that time. He was also drawn to the R&B sound of the 60's. Still, deep within his soul, he had the yearning for the country music roots which he was raised with.

After being released from military service in the 70's, Marty packed up his guitar and caught a bus to Nashville, Tennessee. As he strolled down lower Broad Street and heard country music coming from every door of the bars and honky tonks...he knew this was where he wanted to be. Sitting in and playing with different artists at Music City Lounge, Tootsie's, Demon's Den, and other lower Broad Street clubs, Marty became a new kid on the block and eventually was performing at those same establishments and working on the road with various artists. In time, Marty met and made friends with well known country artists who coached and tutored him along the way.

Having performed across the U.S. and being exposed to the Nashville, Bakersfield, and Texas sounds...Marty developed his own brand of country sound combined with blues, outlaw sounds of his heroes such as Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, David Allan Coe, Gary Stewart and Hank Williams Jr., as well as his traditional heroes like Merle Haggard, George Jones, Hank Williams, Vern Gosdin, and others. Marty never forgot his gospel roots, and performed as a member of several southern gospel groups along his way.

All in all Marty Taylor has his own unique style and sings completely from his heart. His life can be heard when he resonates the sounds of Bocephus' song "Family Tradition"...the hurtin' sound of Kenny Chesney's, "The Tin Man"...as well as Marty's own songs like "Gone"..."Dixie Boys"...his story of Hank Williams life..."When It Rains In Nashville" and other tunes he has composed. When Marty sings his version of Merle Haggard's, "Tonight, The Bottle Let Me Down"...it's as if you can see the barroom doors swing open as he takes you there in honky tonk style.

Marty Taylor is truly a heartfelt, hardcore country singer that pleases all audiences.

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